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asher profileAsher

Asher has spent most of his life in Wellington (with some time overseas and a few years in Christchurch too), has been involved in political activism in NZ since 2004, and is a member of the Green Party. He can also be found on Twitter, has two cats and a wonderful partner. He works as a union comms person, is the elected co-convenor of Stand Up, and is generally pretty passionate about workers’ rights, climate change and whisky.

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Carys profile pictureCarys

Carys an Aucklander who has spent the last few years of her life in Dunedin selling her soul for a politics degree, focusing on sustainable development and the politics of international climate change action. She is a member of the Green Party, and is passionate about all things environment and social justice. When she’s not arguing with people on Twitter, she’s binge-watching something on the Netflix subscription that her parents still pay for.

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coley profile pictureColey

Coley is a Wellingtonian who’s worked in social policy, disability, family violence and opposition politics. A communications person by trade, she’s also a policy and campaigns enthusiast, and yes she’s aware of how geeky that sounds. She’s a proud step-mama, an animal wrangler and above all an advocate for women. Coley is committed to ending rape culture, fostering sex positivity and promoting acceptance for non-traditional families. She’s not a member of any Party except the red-headed cat lady witches for equity Party. Membership: 1.

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Dan is a graphic designer who lives in Wellington and sometimes makes silly alpaca comics about people who annoy him. He was born in Essex, U.K and is a descendant of Ngāti Whakaue. He’s a recent member of the Green Party and really is just tired of privileged people being oppressive dickheads and also speaking about himself in the third person. Once he ate a whole dry weetbix in under a minute.

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A lifelong resident of Paekākāriki on the Kāpiti Coast, Jack is a descendant of Taranaki, Te Whakatōhea and Te Ātiawa. He is involved in community politics and currently serves as Chair of the Paekākāriki Community Board and their representative at the KCDC council table. He is a two-time Green Party candidate for Te Taihauāuru and is passionate about ensuring the voices of young people are heard in the political discourse. Jack is happiest when listening to soul, R&B and reggae music or watching political drama shows.

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Jem Yoshioka is an illustrator and storyteller based in Wellington, New Zealand. A geek who loves video games and science fiction, Jem spends a lot of time engaged in geek culture, commenting and critiquing through a feminist lens. Once nicknamed ‘The Internet’, she can google for cat .gifs better than you can. You can find her drawing, knitting or playing video games (sometimes attempting to do all three at once).

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John Palethorpe is a long way from home. An Englishman in South Auckland, he spends his days teaching 5 and 6 year old children. A NZ Greens member, he is a strong advocate for social security, state education and politics that doesn’t oversimplify. He cannot resist a good election race or a bad pun.

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kieren profileKieren

Also known as John Campbell’s biggest fan, Kieren is a young Māori politico based in Tāmaki Makaurau. She is a queen generalist and has her fingers dipped in many pies: politics, media, kaupapa Māori, feminism, identity politics, and the environment – but her favourite kind of pie is one that has all flavours in one.

Aside from multi-flavoured pies, she has a vision of empathy and compassion saving the world. Now that’s something to look forward to.

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lamia profileLamia 

Lamia is a Masters student currently living in Austin, Texas who operates on US Central Time and NZT as evidenced by her Twitter account. She is an ex-politico from the Labour Leader’s Office and an ex-public servant and she is always plotting her way back to New Zealand. She is passionate about social and economic inequality issues, and public law. Netflix and cooking are her non political interests.

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LOL NZ Politics

A sneaky pseudonym with a penchant for Photoshop, formerly of Tumblr.


Marama Davidson is a mum of six children and lives in Auckland. She is of Ngāpuhi/Te Rarawa and Ngāti Porou iwi. Marama speaks publicly on anything given half a chance – from an indigenous, social justice seeking perspective. She worked for the Human Rights Commission for 10 years and was the Chief Panelist for the Glenn Inquiry into domestic violence and child abuse Marama loves chocolate and pancakes and hates housework and a a messy house. She hopes she is winning.

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This isn’t a person. This is the official blog account, we’ll only use it to post official blog updates/news. Don’t argue with it, because it isn’t a person, and you’ll just look silly.

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Polly is a filipina feminist who spends the majority of her time in the community, advocating for migrants and tauiwi women and for those who have survived sexual and domestic violence. She believes firmly that there is no place in this world for slut shaming, rape culture, systemic inequality or generally being a shithead.

Professionally she works in community development, policy, funding, project management and lobbying but personally she has a fond appreciation for cats, swears, beautiful food, red wine and bad dates.

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ruth profileRuth

Ruth is a passionate activist and advocate. Committed to social justice, particularly in the spheres Feminism and mental health. Her wit is cutting and her observations sharp, she takes no bullshit from the bullshitters and kowtows to nobody. Ruth is located in Auckland, where she works, reads and talks absolute bollocks. Rumour has it she lines her eyes with the blackened, charred hearts of MRAs. She never sleeps, she just waits for revolution.

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Tony profileTony

Tony inhabits a small slice of the Tron (Hamilton) and is an advocate for young workers. He detests the corporatization of everything and suspects John Key was sent to New Zealand from a dystopian universe where neo-liberalism rules with an iron fist (wait that sounds familiar…). The scion of a feminist and a political activist, Tony intends on being a stick in the craw of all the plutocratic plonkers and oligarchic douchebags wherever they park their mansions. When he’s not pissing off right wingers you can find him debating with fanboys over who would win a fisticuffs between Batman or Superman.

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trish profileTrish

Trish is a NZ born ta’ahine Tonga. She currently resides in Auckland, and recently ran as the Green Party of Aotearoa’s Manurewa candidate. She is passionate about race relations, identity politics, feminism and all things Pasifika. Trish studies creative writing at the University of Auckland, and is interested in the harmonious power of literature that bridges the gap between Pasifika and Aotearoa identities.

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Sarahsarah profile

Sarah is a writer who is passionate about social justice, feminism, politics, and cats. She is a columnist and poet and currently lives in Nelson.

When she grows up she wants to be Lucy Lawless.

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stephanie profileStephanie

Stephanie is an ex-Aucklander, comms nerd, sci fi nerd, Beowulf nerd, and general garden-variety nerd. She’s a unionist, a member of the Labour Party, spends way too much time on Twitter and lives in Wellington with her partner and two guinea pigs. Her hobbies include listening to loud angry music and starting blogs on politics, fatshion, and old episodes of Star Trek.

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