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Trish is a NZ born ta'ahine Tonga. She currently resides in Auckland, and recently ran as the Green Party of Aotearoa's Manurewa candidate. She is passionate about race relations, identity politics, feminism and all things Pasifika. Trish has her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English Literature, and is currently a postgrad student in the Pacific Studies department at the University of Auckland. She is interested in the harmonious power of literature that bridges the gap between Pasifika and Aotearoa identities. Can be found on Twitter at @TrishTupou

The Bridge

October 26, 2014 // 4 Comments

As we flew over Auckland (Okalani) on the way home from Nuku'alofa, I couldn't help but imagine what this must have felt like for my tamai (father), who had made the same pilgrimage in the 70s. Leaving his small village in Ha'apai to find fuller fruits in Aotearoa. [...]