On The Left (OTL) is a group blog for a bunch of New Zealand writers, activists, political junkies and general lefties with a variety of interests, experiences and skillsets.

It was started because the editors felt the NZ blogosphere (and there’s two words you will never see written on here again) was lacking in an accessible, well written, interesting and fun group blog that aimed to provide a space for discussion and propagation of left-wing ideas.

OTL has a range of regular authors who have committed to contributing to the blog fortnightly (at least), and a number of less regular guest posters who write in when they have the time or feel particularly grumpy about something. If you want to send in a guest post, feel free!

Who’s in charge?

Asher has spent most of his life in Wellington (with some time overseas and a few years in Christchurch too), has been involved in political activism in NZ since 2004, and is a member of the Green Party. He can also be found on Twitter, has two cats and a wonderful partner. He works as a union comms person, is the elected co-convenor of Stand Up, and is generally pretty passionate about workers’ rights, climate change and whisky.

How can I get in touch?

Email: ontheleftnz [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

Twitter: @ontheleftnz


We’ve only been around for a short time, but the compliments are rolling in.

“It won’t make your eyeballs fall out” – Giovanni Tiso

“I don’t have much time for Stephanie Rodgers and at least one of their other major writers has blocked me on Twitter for ‘mansplaining’ (Heh). There is also a severe gender imbalance in their listed line up of authors. Almost 3:1 females to males.” – Colonial Viper

“First impressions are that it’s a junior age grade version of the standard, run by preppy BA grads trying to be as tough as their impeccable manners and delicate crim-cuddling sensibilities will allow.” – RRM (warning: link to Kiwiblog)

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